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A story of freshness

Meet sofia

Image by Katie Harp

I am a mother of four and a long time overthinker. I have a degree in psychology and a ten year background in early education. I have always been interested in helping. For a long time it was through teaching and aiding, but now I'm moving on to spiritual teaching. 

My entire life I always knew there was more to life than what meets the eye. I have always felt and sensed the presence of spirits and higher beings. I began my spiritual journey about three years ago and would love to help guide people on theirs.Our company offers kits, crystals, candles and much more. We want to help you reach enlightenment. All of our items are made with intentions. I offer personal readings of Angel card and divination cards. I have experience reading people of all levels of spirituality. Also, I offer in home reads and cleansing. 

The main idea behind this company is spreading love and light. 

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